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We understand how stressful the entire process of decorating a home is. The HAPPINESS of buying a plot or home soon declines & replaced by the worries of designing it. Then start the circus of - taking quotes; visiting sites; doing background checks; visiting showrooms & experience centres; and not to mention endless hours spent by family online on Pinterest & Google!

Well, Dezinebox cut out all this & plan everything for your space. Our execution-ready blueprint ensures you get your dream space. We also assure value for your hard-earned money with no delays, budget escalations & quality compromises.

We have ensured a stress-free & happy experience for more than 500+ families across Four countries & 75 cities so far.

Our Experience

We are backed by a 22-year old award-winning design firm. We have the experience & expertise to handle projects of any size & budget.

Drone View Tech

Our latest Drone View technology will help you visualise your home from all four direction. Gone those days where your just see the front elevation

Our Fixed consulting charges

We offer professional services & charge a flat per square feet consultancy charge. There is no other hidden fee or any financial transaction routes through us. 

We work 'together'

We work 'with & for you' to design your dream space. We take multiple online sessions to deliver your dream space within your budget & theme. 

Say No to misguiding & cheating

We give all technical drawings (POP, Electrical, Furniture) with quality material specifications (Laminate, ply, colour shed) so that you get value for your money. 

Execution Support

We strongly feel home are build just once. We will extend all support to you by finding expert strcuture engineer & contractor in your city.

How it works?


e-site visit Share your Plot Details - Size, Direction, Images, Video  & requirements.


We will offer multiple floor options based on your weather condition & vastu


We will take online with your family  to finalise the perfect floor plan for you 


We will offer you front elevation & Drone View tech to you to give you an immersive experience.


Finally, we offer all the working drawings to you to construct the beautiful home

Download - Profile & Master Sample File






Get a Drone 3D View


Floor Planning    

World-class floor plan with latest design elements like sky light, toilet garden, water bodies etc
3 Floor plans followed by an online session
 the home will be designed keep in view Vastu 
Floor pland designed based on  geo-location & weather condition
Customised floor plan designed from scratch. No copy paste.
A detail presentation with  reference images
transperant pricing based on actual construction area
 10,000/- for 1,000 sqft   &  2,500 for every additional 500 sqft
taxes extra

Front Elevation 

world-class n latest trending front elevation
we share multiple reference images to zero down on one theme 
Online session to decide the front elevation design. Post that One front elevation will be provided with one corrections 
Customised floor plan designed from scratch. No copy paste. Get the design as unique as you are
Front elevation with all detailed drawing
World' latest drone view - 4 side elevation (optional & extra charges)
transperant pricing based on actual number of floors 
10,000/- for ground Floor   & 7,500 for every additional floor
taxes extra

Working Drawings         

Get the detail drawings with material spec for front elevation
Get all section drawings of the building
Get all technical drawings like plumbering, electricals etc
an estimated costing for the construction to take an informed decision 
we will also recommend a local structural engingeer to ensure the quality construction & leakage of quality & money 
one complimentary con-call to guide you on finalising the contractor
clear & transperant pricing based on actual construction area
      15/-           per sqft of the construction area  
taxes extra


Excellent design work from DeZineBox.
Entire team first listen all our requirement. Then they try to understand imagination of our dream house and accordingly send us first design. In second phase after a thorough brain stroming discussion, we received our final design in 3D with all detail drawings and VR glasses. I can feel, how it look even before starting execution.
Thanks to entire DeZineBox Team. 👍👍👍

Dr Hitesh Shah
Anand Gujarat

Excellent work done for our Beauty, Hair and nail salon in Ludhiana. Initially i was doubtful about trusting someone online but dezinebox team proved me wrong. Very happy about the concepts, their drawings and their support. Highly recommended.

Mr Vikramjeet Siingh


1. How you provide services online without site visit?

We are on a mission to design everyone's house within their budget & theme. Since it is not feasible to do physical visits, we do virtual site visits through video calls. We also ask for videos, pictures& floor plan. It is adequate to do the designing. Also, the fact that we have worked on 500+ projects across four countries is a strong validation that it works!

2. Why should we work with you you just provide online designs?

We are not 'online designer' but we are online  'design-tech consultant'. We understand designing home is a cumbersome process. Hence, the purpose it to offer our vast experience & latest technology at lowest possible fees. We want to work in your interest by working besides you and not as a designer sitting across you. Our motto is to shield you from endless delays; those budget surprises; those quality leakages & not mention those stress that you as a family forced to go through.

3. We find your charges high - we get it at cheaper rates locally?

It is a valid point. But rates alone can't be a deciding factor. You also need to compare our 22 years of experience; quality of design; our world's latest technology; detailed execution file; professionalism & transparency in service. Above all the key differentiating point is our 'INTEND' - we intend to WORK FOR & WITH YOU to save your hard-earned money, time & stress. We are sure you will agree that your local designer will work for his interest & not yours. 

Please be assured we charge only for professional hardwork we put in & we ensure you will save more than what you pay us. 

4. Still, we dont have time & want someone to take care of it end-to-end?

We certainly have limitations to our offering. But having said that, do you really feel you don't have time & understanding of interior designing? 

Well, most of us spent weeks collecting the quotes from various designers/contractors, in comparing them, & in doing site visits to the previous work of the designers. You also spend weekends visiting showrooms & experience centres & not to mention endless hours spend finding the design on Pinterest & Google. 

Please note interior designing is not time-consuming or rocket science. But, trusting someone blindly, getting dependent on someone especially when their fees is linked as a percentage of your project cost can be risky. After all, it is your home - a nest for your loved ones - you can spare some time with us in planning it properly.

What we are asking for is your trust and a little involvement in designing your home together in return we will give you the best design, the latest VR technology & complete planning blueprint so that you will have hassle & stress-free execution with lot time, money & stress saved. 

5. Why you charge per room and not on total area as per sq ft rate?

When we pay based on total area - we end up paying for areas like foyers, passages, staircases & terraces does not require much designing. Also, the toilets in a new flat don't require any design. 

We feel charging on per room basis is a transparent way of charging wherein you have a choice to decide which area you want to design. 

6. Can you give more clarity on pricing various services including Quote finalisation service?

As regards total design consultancy & e-supervision, the charges are on per room basis with an area of max 250 sq feet. But, if the area is more than that we would charge more. 

As regards to Quote finalisation, the charges are 1% of the quotation amount. So if you get three quotes & we finalise a quote worth 15 lakhs we would charge 15,000/- as consultation charges. Please be assured we will save more than what you pay us. 


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